Friday, September 16, 2016

New Co & Extra Curricular Policy Simplified

The MSAD #27 School Board passed a new Academic Eligibility: Athletic and Co-Curricular Participation policy (JJIC) at the July 26, 2016 School Board meeting.  There have been many questions about what it means so we put together a handy and helpful guide for students, parents, staff, and community to understand what it all means.

The entire policy can be found at the following url: Policy JJIC .

Finally, you will notice a small change to the blog title.  As many of you know we had some reshuffling of administrator duties.  Mr. Caron was named  Dean of Students for both VRMS and FKCHS and I was named Principal of the two schools.  With that being said that is why you see the name change because over time you will start to see more posts that pertain to the Middle School. I am also attaching the visual that helps define our division of duties.

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